Catalogue of Artificial Intelligence Techniques


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Abstraction Opportunistic Planning
Action Schema Optimistic Plan Execution
Agenda Based Planning Parallel Planning
Conditional Planning Partially-ordered Plans
Distributed Planning Plan Inference
Distributed Problem Solving Plan Kernels
Flocking Plan Rationale
Goal Structure Plan Recognition
Hierarchical Planning Plan Refinement
Hierarchical Task Network Plan Structure
Hierarchical Task Network Planning Principle of Least Commitment
Holding Periods Situation Calculus
Interactions Between Sub-Solutions Table of Multiple Effects
Library-based Planning Teleology
MACROPS Temporal Logic
Macro Operators Time Logic Based Planning
Meta-action Oriented Planning Top-down Plan Elaboration
Meta-planning Triangle Table
Multi-actor System Triangle Table
Multi-agent system Typed Preconditions
Non-linear Planning Variant Planning
Operator Schema contingency planning
Operator Tables