Catalogue of Artificial Intelligence Techniques


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AC Game Trees
AC Algorithm Generate and Test
AC-3 Gibbs Sampling
AC-3 Algorithm If/Then Rules
AND/OR Graphs Infinite Recursion
Abduction Maximum Cardinality Search
Abstraction Means/ends Analysis
Agenda Based Systems Mechanical Theorem Proving
Analogical Problem Solving Model Directed Search
Automatic Theorem Proving Naive Physics
Blackboard One-Then-Best Backtracking
Bottom-up Opportunistic Search
CBR Pattern Matching
CSP Problem Reduction
Caching Production Rule System
Case-Based Reasoning Production System
Common Subgoals Reflection
Computational Logic Satisfaction Assignment
Consistent-labelling Self-reference
Constraint Satisfaction and Propagation Situation/Action Rules
Data-directed Control Stochastic Simulation
Data-driven Control Structured Induction
Decision Theory Subgoaling
Distributed Planning Theorem Proving
Distributed Problem Solving
Forward Chaining