Catalogue of Artificial Intelligence Techniques


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Discrimination Net
Discrimination Tree
Evolutionary Algorithm
Forward Chaining
Forward Search
Game Trees
Generate and Test
A* Algorithm Genetic Algorithm
AND/OR Graphs Genetic Algorithms
Alpha/Beta Pruning Goal-driven Search
Ant Colony Optimisation Heuristic Search
B* Algorithm Hill Climbing
Backwards Chaining Infinite Recursion
Backwards Search Iterative Deepening
Beam Search Local Beam Search
Best-First Search Minimal Window Search
Bidirectional Search Minimax
Bottom-up Search Model Directed Search
Branch-and-bound Algorithms Null Window Search
Breadth-first Search Particle Swarm Optimization
CRN Problem Space
Caching Recursive Best-First Search
Case Retrieval Nets SSS*
Chronological Backtracking Search Space
Common Subgoals Selective Backtracking
Complexity Measures State Space
DSSS* Tabu Search
Data-driven Search Top-down Search
Dependency Directed Backtracking k-optimal pattern discovery.
Depth-first Search
Dijkstra's Algorithm