Catalogue of Artificial Intelligence Techniques


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Kalman Filters
AND/OR Graphs Least General Generalisation
Abduction Logics of Knowledge and Belief
Abstraction Marker-passing
Analogical Problem Solving Maximum Cardinality Search
Antecedent Theorem Mechanical Theorem Proving
Auto-epistemic Logic Meta-level Inference
Automatic Theorem Proving Modal Logic
Bayesian Inference Natural Deduction
Bayesian Networks Non-monotonic Reasoning
Belief Functions Pattern Directed Languages
CBR Pattern Matching
CLP Possibilistic Logic
CSP Preferential Entailment
Case-Based Reasoning Probabilistic Entailment
Causal Networks Probabilistic Logic
Certainty Factors Production Rule System
Circumscription Production System
Computational Logic Prolog
Condition-action Pairs Proof Editors
Consistent-labelling Qualitative Reasoning
Constraint Logic Programming Reason Maintenance System
Constraint Satisfaction and Propagation Recursion
Decision Theory Recursive Function
Default Logic Reflection
Default Reasoning Rewrite Rules
Demodulants Satisfaction Assignment
Demon Self-reference
Dempster-Shafer Theory Sequent Calculus
Epsilon Semantics Situation/Action Rules
Fuzzy Logic Statistical Inference
Game Trees Temporal Logic
If-added Method Theorem Proving
If/Then Rules Truth Maintenance System
Incidence Calculus Typed Languages
Inferno Variable-valued Logic
Influence Diagrams
Interval Calculus