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Augmented Transition Network

Aliases: ATN

Keywords: RTN, Recursive Transition Network, finite-state transition networks, parsing, recursion

Categories: Natural Language

Author(s): Karen Sp\"arck Jones

A representation for grammars developed from simple finite-state transition networks by allowing (i) recursion , and (ii) augmentation, i.e., the use of arbitrary tests and actions on arcs, giving full Turing machine power. The use of registers for storing constituents, and the use of tests and actions on register contents allow great flexibility in parsing, and in particular permit the construction of sentence representations quite distinct from the surface text, e.g., deep as opposed to surface syntactic structures. The form of grammar representation is procedurally oriented, but the grammar itself is separated from the interpretive parser, which is Top-down and usually Depth-first. ATNs can be adapted, for example, to guide parsing by explicit arc ordering. Problems arise with, for example, passing information between subnets, and the treatment of conjunctions.



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