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Auto-epistemic Logic

Categories: Inference and Reasoning , Knowledge Representation

Author(s): Colin Phillips

Auto-epistemic logic is a logic for modelling the beliefs of agents who reflect on their own beliefs. It can express statements such as `If I do not believe that p is true then q is true'. It characterises the beliefs that an ideally rational agent would be entitled to hold on the basis of such statements. The most distinctive feature of auto-epistemic logic is that it is a Non-monotonic Logic: the set of basic beliefs can be modified with time. An agent who takes as a premise `If I do not believe that p is true, then q is true' and who does not believe thatp

is true, will believe that q is true. If later he were to adopt the premise p

as an additional belief then he would no longer be justified in believing that q holds. See also Logics of Knowledge and Belief.



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