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Binary and Grey Scale Moments

Keywords: Grey Scale Moments, eccentricity

Categories: Pattern Recognition and Image Processing

Author(s): H.W. Hughes

In computer vision, moments are scalar values that encode some property of the shape or distribution of an object. They are often used as a compact representation of simple binary shapes, because: (i) they are easy to compute (i.e., real-time hardware to compute moments exists), and (ii) a few different moments are often sufficient to characterise uniquely a limited set of shapes. It is also possible to calculate functions of the moments that are invariant to translation, rotation and scale changes. The moment ( ) of a binary image about the centre of mass is given by:

By varying the parameters and the resulting moment can yield a number of useful results such as the area and the eccentricityeccentricity. For a grey scale image whose intensity can be expressed as a function, of and , the moment is given by:



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