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Functional Data Model

Keywords: CONNIVER, DAPLEX, PLANNER, data model, derived functions, entity-relationship, if-added, if-needed

Categories: Data Models

Author(s): Austin Tate

An entity-relationship data model with relationships expressed as functions from arguments to a single entity value or to a set of entities. Derived functions allow the definition of arbitrary new relationships in terms of existing ones. Different views of data can be presented by defining appropriate derived functions. Updating of derived relationships is supported through procedures explicitly provided by the user. Data manipulation languages, such as DAPLEX, have been added to the Functional Data Model to provide the notion of looping through entity sets to perform operations. The Functional data model incorporates many of the ideas in earlier Semantic Net systems, the if-needed and if-added theorems of the PLANNER and CONNIVER languages, and a range of data models.



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