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Generate and Test

Aliases: Model Directed Search

Keywords: Casnet, Meta-Dendral

Categories: Problem Solving , Search

Author(s): Robert Corlett

Problem solving can be viewed as the process of generating solutions from observed or given data. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to use direct methods (i.e., to go from data to solution directly). Instead, we often have to use indirect or model-based methods. If we have a model of the real world, we can test the results we would expect from hypothetical solutions against those that we desire or observe in the real world. The generate and test search technique is to generate some plausible solutions from some initial conditions and test them using the model. If necessary, we return/backtrack to the generate stage, forming more solutions in the light of our test results then test these. This is repeated until an acceptable solution is found. Examples of systems using generate and test search are Meta-Dendral and Casnet. =+1



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