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Categories: Programming Languages

Author(s): Fausto Giunchiglia

Lisp (an acronym for LISt Processing) is one of the primary AI programming languages. It was defined by John McCarthy in 1958. The reasons for its success are related not only to its early development but also to its technical characteristics:

The first characteristic is true only of what is called pure Lisp. All the existing different dialects of Lisp also have control structures for imperative programming. Among the most important dialects are: MACLISP (from MIT--see Winston and Horn), FRANZ LISP (a dialect of MACLISP developed at Berkeley--see Wilensky) and INTERLISP (developed by BBN and Xerox). Lately a big effort has been made to unify all the different dialects in an unique language called COMMON LISP (see Steele et. al.).



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