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Pattern Directed Retrieval/Invocation

Keywords: PLANNER, databases

Categories: Programming Languages

Author(s): Lincoln Wallen

The retrieval of a datum from a database by virtue of its syntactic form. A pattern (or template) of the required datum is compared with the data in the database; data that `match' with the pattern are retrieved. A successful match may bind the unspecified parts (variables) of either or both of the pattern and `target' datum. In the case of procedure invocation, a pattern is associated with each procedure. Calls to a procedure are made when the current situation or goal matches the associated pattern of the procedure. This allows for a more flexible control flow as procedures are not called by name but by content. This form of retrieval/invocation is central to the PLANNER type languages; two way Pattern Matching (or Unification) being the basis of the Resolution principle on which Prolog is based.



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