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Truth Maintenance System

Aliases: Reason Maintenance System

Keywords: RUP, invariant

Categories: Inference and Reasoning , Knowledge Representation

Author(s): D. McAllester

A truth maintenance system (TMS) is used to record justifications for assertions. Such justifications can be used to generate explanations and to track down the assumptions underlying assertions. For example, in RUP every justification is a disjunctive clause of sentential (propositional) atoms and any such clause can be treated as a justification. RUP's TMS takes a set of such propositional clauses and performs propositional Constraint Propagation to ensure that every assertion with a valid justification is in fact believed by the system (thus ensuring a deduction invariant). RUP's TMS also ensures that there is an entry on a contradiction queue for every propositional clause all of whose atoms are false.



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