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Aliases: C++ for Embedded Systems

Keywords: c++, ces, probabilistic techniques, programming, robotic programming

Categories: Programming Languages

Author(s): Craig Lindsay

CES(C++ for Embedded Systems) is a programming language which is based on C++, but allows for extra features to deal with and use uncertain knowledge. CES can be used for robotic programming and is particularly useful because it allows robot software to learn through example. During this learning through examples process, anything that the current code cannot handle is added into the source code. This is ideal in environments where we donít have complete information, or we can only observe so much, the robot will experience it and the trainer will then assign an action to perform when that event has occurred. An example would be sending a robot into a partially observable environment and allowing it to find something which it cannot handle with its current software, it would then adapt its code, by filling in the required code, whereby after this the trainer can specify what needs done when this situation is encountered.



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