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Remote-brained Robotics

Keywords: remote, remote-brained, robotics

Categories: Robotics

Author(s): Michal Bartosik

Remote-brained robotics is an approach, which can make the robots able to have a very light body and powerful brain.

Robots are acting in a real world, hence they receive and have to process hundreds of signals from their sensors every second. Remote-brained robotics is based on an idea of separating the central processing unit, which computes all the calculations, from mechanical part of a robot, which actually performs the actions. A powerful computer receives the input signals from robot’s sensors and sends back the output, which determines the action to be taken.

Efficient communication is possible because of the software – interface – which acts as an agent, which translates signals from real to virtual world and in the opposite direction. In practice data is transferred through IR or HI-FI channels, the choice depends on the distance between brain and framework. Remote-brained robotics is an AI technique, which makes it possible for robots to perform many parallel calculations and at the same time be light, small and agile.



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