Catalogue of Artificial Intelligence Techniques



The survey consists of a total of 20 questions, split into 5 categories, and should not take more than a few minutes

Section A: Usability (5 Questions) Strongly Disagree Strongly Agree
I thought this site was easy to use.
I can use this site without additional technical assistance or documentation.
I would re-use this site in the future.
I found this site consistent overall (eg. layout, format, functionality, etc.)
I found the various functions of this site to be well integrated.

Section B: Content (4 Questions) Strongly Disagree Strongly Agree
I found the information I was looking for on this site.
I felt the information in the site was accurate.
The information I found was at an appropriate level of complexity and depth.
I found the content display in a clear and presentable manner.

Section C: Functionality (5 Questions) Strongly Disagree Strongly Agree
I found other user's comments helpful in evaluating the content in this site.
I found the ranking system for comments to be effective (eg. helpful comments appeared first)
I found the advanced reference search feature useful
I found the search highlighting system useful.
I found the authoring system as a whole easy to use.

Section D: Mathematics (4 Questions) Strongly Disagree Strongly Agree
I could input a mathematical formula that I don't understand into this site if it was given to me on paper.
Rather than use images, I would convert existing formulae to MathML to gain additional functionality (reusable, editable, etc.).
I found the ability to display mathematical content in different formats valuable.
I found that mathematical content was clearly presented (although not necessarily understandable, example).

Section E: References (2 Questions) Strongly Disagree Strongly Agree
I think that ability to collect references using the clipboard function is useful.
Did you find the references accurately represented.

Other Comments: